Red Rabbit Racing


Sent:  Thursday, February 22, 2007 6:50 PM




Dearest fellow Rabbits, with great regret, I cannot make the Hawthorne Bash. I must finish a new construction job that we have been on for four days. With the big predicted rain storm on sat and sun we gotta get her done. Anyway's, here's how I visioned the outcome of the bash.

As the Red Rabbit Racing Gang (dressed to kill), makes its way towards the table of one Frank J. Kirby. Jean Rabbit reaches into her black sequined  handbag and pulls out a can of riot grade pepper spray and takes aim at the slippery slime .

Close behind her is Peg Rabbit,now removing a horse whip from her right pant leg. This whip ,is the actual whip that was used on Salt Syn,during her last race under the ownership of that dastardly dog, FJK.

After a hot shot of pepper spray,and a determined horse whipping, a hulking Rick Rabbit removes a sawed off nine iron from under his suit coat. He belts out a roaring fooouuurrrr!, as several teeth from the wasted weasel go sailing into a nearby  punchbowl.

Ah, last up, the red faced son of a stretch runner named Bob Johnson, known as Jeff Rabbit,pulls a pair of numb chucks from his waist band and lays a snap,crackle,and pop to the skull of the X Frank J Kirby.

From out of nowhere Steve (the hammer) Gallo appears and produces a baked bean gas bomb, which renders security helpless. The Red Rabbit Gang then makes its getaway, as they speed away in a Suburban, headed south on I-55.  Have fun everybody

Jeff Rabbit