On March 11, 2006 the

Inaugural Red Rabbit Racing Awards

for 2005 were held at Jean Gallo's house.  This event was both a working meeting of the surviving original partners as well as a festive celebration of the fun  'AND PROFITABLE'  year that the partnership had in 2005. 

Shown in the picture left are investing partners Jeff Johnson, Jean Gallo, Peggy Lenz and Rick Johnson as they debate changes to the partnership agreement.  Partner spouses, Vicki Johnson, Steve Gallo, Bob Lenz and Kathy Johnson were in attendance as well. 

Following the meeting we were joined by trainer Chris Block, his lovely wife Linda (an equestrian in her own right) and their son David for dinner and a night of entertainment climaxing with the 2005 Red Rabbit Racing Awards. 

Kathy was pressed into action at the last minute when sister Jean went down with a broken finger from a horse accident earlier in the week.   Kathy created a lovely lasagna and salads, while Sr. partner Peggy came up with the cake decorated with our stable's one and only  star in 2005 -  Marion's Man.  

Idiot brother-in-law Steve is shown holding the pastry in the snap to the right.    Picture lower left  is Kathy Johnson, Linda Block and Vicky Johnson as they discuss their unbounded love of their husbands and the racing prospects for 2006.

Following dinner, we retired to the lounge for;

Chris said he has a couple horses that show promise that look to be in our price range. We will keep an eye on them with the view to have something in the barn before Hawthorne breaks camp and heads to Arlington. 

The video presentation was a hell of an effort, especially considering we only had all of 2 races last year - one of them featuring our hero finishing dead last. But, it is spectacular, and we had a great time.

The real fun however was in the awards. Patterned after the Academy Awards, this presentation was MC'd by that country lawyer from El Paso, the one, the only, Bob Lenz - long suffering husband of none other than Sr. Partner Peggy Lenz.

Five categories were presented during the show with a special lifetime achievement award thrown in as well. The 5 categories this year were:

Those that know Steve will understand the sarcasm and ridicule with which this award was bestowed. Kathy Johnson wrote a special poem to Steve on his award that can be found by scrolling to the end of this page immediately under the snap of Steve on his little stool, playing with his plastic horse. Classic.

Click Here for the script of the awards Presentation

We all had a great time in 2005 and look forward to this being an annual event. 

Here's to 2006

Good Luck and Good Racing.







2005 Red Rabbit Racing Year In Review


The partnerships name is Red Rabbit Racing

Decisions on horses is what we’ll be facing


With lots of ideas and Chris Block on our side

The stable is open; the jockey ready to ride


A problem has crossed the partnerships pact

It seems Steven has missed a very big fact


When Red Rabbit was formed, he was not aware

Any thoughts he came up with-no one would care


A full partner he’s not and never will be

Any equality he sought has been a joke to me


So at our banquet as we prepare to meet

Steve open your present and then take your little seat


While we make decisions concerning our course

Please sit on your stool and play with “your” horse